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Leadership for Landlords with Anthony Russell

September 07, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada REALTOR® Real Estate Agent / Anthony Russell Season 3 Episode 222
I Love Kelowna
Leadership for Landlords with Anthony Russell
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Show Notes

Anthony Russell is an army veteran and Property Leader. His main goal is to help others succeed as landlords with the experience he's gained as a rental property leader. Having served in the military, he views property management with a strategic and militaristic eye.

Anthony likes to help people who are starting out in the rental property business. He teaches them to know the laws and what steps they should proceed with if they are starting in this business, and help them to improve if they are already in it.


  • Leadership For Landlords
  • Small rental property business
  • Rental properties and profitability
  • What are the laws for rental property business? 
  • How to be a successful landlord?
  • How to be a good tenant?
  • Why should landlords be leaders?
  • How to run a rental property business?
  • How to make the rental property business truly profitable?
  • How to apply military strategies and tricks in the rental property business? 

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