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Living the American Dream - Sales and Negotiation Expert Romina Muhametaj

April 01, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada Realtor / Romina Muhametaj Season 2 Episode 159
I Love Kelowna
Living the American Dream - Sales and Negotiation Expert Romina Muhametaj
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Show Notes

Romina Muhametaj is the founder of Six 7 Radius and the host of Coffee with Romina. She also holds the President Chair for FSCJ-SHRM Student Chapter and recently Romina launched NE FL Negotiation Club.

Romina moved to America at just 17 years old by herself intending to pursue her American Dream and her accomplishments talk about her stubbornness on her goals continuously. Often, she talks about how her American Journey has been a rollercoaster but Romina has a power to keep a positive attitude over every situation and analyze everything with the “how can I make this better and what can I learn from this” mindset.

Six 7 Radius LLC., is a consulting firm that helps companies grow by building one of a kind marketing strategies & sales techniques. With the right guidance, the company can succeed no matter the external environmental factors. Romina helps her clients by overseeing their PR presence making sure the company’s culture is well represented, teaching negotiation skills to increase sales and revenue, as well as building long-term successful processes for the company. She comes from a sales and marketing background where she worked on B2C and B2B campaigns as a marketing project manager and sales leader.




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