New Town Big Dreams

The Art and Science of Mastering Executive Challenges with Robert White

July 19, 2021 Luke J. Menkes Kelowna BC Canada REALTOR® Real Estate Agent / Robert White Season 3 Episode 211
New Town Big Dreams
The Art and Science of Mastering Executive Challenges with Robert White
Show Notes

In addition to his leadership role with Extraordinary People LLC, Robert White is an Executive Mentor, author, frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader on organizational leadership, successfully handling rapid change, entrepreneurial success and being more personally effective.

Robert’s experience encompasses over forty years in the training industry.  He was President of pioneer personal growth seminar company Mind Dynamics Inc., and was founder and President of Lifespring, Inc. which he later sold to his team.  He founded and served as Chairman of ARC International from 1978-2001 and worked closely with its corporate and individual clients throughout Asia, South America, Europe and North America.  Lifespring and ARC International, graduated over one million participants from high impact experiential seminars and ARC International served over 1000 corporations.  

Living out his commitment to contribute toward a world that works for all people, Robert actively supports the Sarvodaya community development organization in Sri Lanka, The Kempe Center for Child Abuse and Neglect and The Adoption Exchange.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of Plant-It 2020 which has planted millions of trees worldwide.  Robert founded One World, One People Foundations in the USA, Japan and Hong Kong – non-profit organizations that have donated over one million U.S. dollars to charities doing environmental education and those working to end child abuse and neglect.  

Helping others to develop extraordinary personal leadership abilities, capacity and effectiveness is Robert’s personal mission.  His other interests include current events, reading history and philosophy, being with his eight children and enjoying many styles of live music.


  • How does the poor kid from Green Bay, WI with one semester of college end up retiring at 46 to a 15,000 sf home on 76 acres in Aspen CO?
  • What is experiential learning and how do you do it?
  • Living and working abroad for over 20 years is unusual for an American. How did that happen for you?
  • Your book "Living an Extraordinary Life" contains a bold promise. How does the average person go from ordinary to extraordinary?
  • What does it take to be a leader in this new century?
  • You've experienced a major failure in business closing 15 offices in 7 countries and firing 240 people. How did that happen and what did you learn?
  • I understand some readers of your book are disappointed that the book is not about YOU. What is it about?
  • If a listener is thinking about starting his or her own company, what should they be considering first?
  • Is there a common problem that people face when moving toward their vision, their goals?
  • What has to happen for the average person to succeed?

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